Rollei or Sirui tripod?

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Re: Rollei or Sirui tripod?

Kuppenbender wrote:

According to the website the Rollei is also available in pink. In that colour it might be less likely to be stolen.

Seriously though, go for the Sirui if it felt more solid. That's a pretty important attribute in a tripod.

thanks, yes stability is certainly important! it felt stable but my hands aren't probably the most precise way to measure its stability. I'm also not sure if it's stable enough since some people seem to say that because with the centre column always extended some 20 or 25cm above the axis of the tripod legs, it brings about quite a bit of instability in windy conditions. I don't intend to shoot in such window conditions though, plus I was thinking I could spread the tripod legs a bit wider if I needed to to add stability?

Only thing that has me interested in Rollei may be the detatchable monopod option. That's at a price of additional $40 and 200grams extra. And so which is why i'm tending towards the Sirui.

Hope I'm not wrong!

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