dcresource.com is CLOSING, JEFF coming to DPR to write review

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Re: Putting the "R" back in dPreview?

Simon Joinson wrote:

jonikon wrote:

jeff@dcresource wrote:

adhemar wrote:

This is a pity indeed. DCRP was only remaining site I had some trust in. If a camera had serious issues, if it was a dud, you could trust Jeff to say so. Of course, this is exactly why he wasn't getting any advertising money.

I hope that wasn't why my ad revenue was poor. I've certainly wondered about it, though, and have seen some other websites (not DPR) doing some pretty questionable things for ads. I would hope that camera companies are better than that, but they've surprised me in the past.

- Jeff

One never really knows about these things for sure, but it would not surprise me if that were so. Frankly, it bothers me that Amazon, as one of the top twenty retailers in the world, owns DPReview. Since DPR reviews products that Amazon sells, the conflict of interest is obvious, and that is not a good recipe for objectivity and credibility, IMO.
- Jon

If you assume everyone (except you, I guess) is a crook, or that it makes a financial difference to us which brand of camera you buy, then yes, you have a point. Truth is that there's no conflict of interest because Amazon doesn't care which camera you buy (or, in many cases, who from) - or whether you buy a DVD player instead - as long as you end up a happy customer - and that means our recommendations must be honest. This is a company that genuinely puts the customer first, so whilst I understand why you might worry about the relationship, I also know that it will never be allowed to influence what we do here.

And, truth is margins across consumer electronics are razor thin, and do not vary from brand to brand. If we were really shilling we'd only review off-brand lens caps and camera bags.

Amazon also know how worthless their investment would become if DPReview allowed any outside influence on its reviews. We are at least transparent. Our parent company (IMDB) is owned by Amazon. If you buy a camera (or a book or a DVD) via the links here, we get a tiny credit, and if you see an ad we get a fraction of a cent, which (in aggregate) ensures we can pay the staff. This is no different to all our competitors from one man bands like Ken Rockwell to giants like CNET.

In my experience the pressure to sell your independence increases exponentially the harder you're finding it to cover costs, and DPReview is big enough to laugh in the face of anyone trying to buy our favors. We maintain a strict line between advertising and editorial, and Amazon leaves us to our own devices.

Finally, I would add that we regularly review products that Amazon does not sell. It simply doesn't figure in our decision.


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Simon Joinson, Editor-in-chief

Thanks for the well done clarification. Good business means that you stay honest, in the deepest sense. I will add that I am very impressed how Amazon is handling comments, good and bad, on their products. I wish all sites would behave as well. It says a lot about Amazon's honesty, imo. And how they handle their relationship with DPRevew

Individual customer satisfaction is, in the end, the only driver for repeat business.

I know that I represent many forum participants when I say thank you for all your efforts in the past year. I am looking forwards for great stuff in DPReview in 2013.

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