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cove314 wrote:

All great advice my only fear is losing my weather sealing on the lenses and all mine were 2.8- 3.5

Up to you if you need weather sealing.  Most people have no trouble with their gear going out into cold, heat, occasional light snow or rain.  Do you need fast lenses ?  The subject matter you described doesn't seem to suggest that you do.

I guess I could compensate by increasing the iso, an option I didn't really have on the Oly.

You can raise the ISO with a lens that's stopped down a bit without worrying about noise, and you can get the same shallow depth of field using an f-stop that's 1.33X times the f-stop on your Oly (so instead of f/2.8, you'd get the same DOF at f/3.8 using an equivalent focal length).

I've had a variety of lineups over the years and the one I've settled on (settled enough that when I switched to Nikon, I opted to try to duplicate the lineup even though my options were wide open) is a pair of high quality zooms that provide "coverage" (as well as being handy in their own right) and a pair of fast primes for low light and/or shallow DOF.  I also throw in a fast tele zoom for sports and indoor events.

But then there is that D600 for $2000 with the kit lens, But then I would need a longer lens for wild life.......

The D600 with the 24-85 paired up with a 70-300 would be an interesting option.  24mm is wide enough for landscapes for me.  You'd end up cropping from the 70-300, though, and at times end up with lower resolution than you'd get with a D7000 (cropped down to APS-C size, you end up with around 10-11 MP).  Or pair that up with a longer 3rd party zoom.  I don't know how good the 24-85 is, but even if it's slightly soft, on 24MP FF it's bound to record a more detailed image than the D7000.

- Dennis

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