In praise of the OM-D

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Re: In praise of the OM-D

Louis_Dobson wrote:

zxaar wrote:

Louis_Dobson wrote:

Not fanboyism at all,

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::> Knowledge is mother of efficiency.

As I said, I've owned lots of cameras. They all had things I wanted or I would not have bought them, but they have not all got rave reviews by any means, people used to moan at me for my lack of GH2 enthusiasm (I'm always amazed by people who have this need to say whatever they own is "the best").

Isn't that what you're doing right here. And no offense, just an observation, but your camera history is largely olympus... not even a hint of fanboyism?

If I say something is good, it's good. And if I say it is just OK, it is just OK. I tell it like it is - I do not identify with my camera.

And your opinion on cameras is gospel and applies to everyone does it?

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