Shutter life/failure on the NEX's.....

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Re: Shutter life/failure on the NEX's.....

Leaving out the possibility of having bad luck and getting a camera that simply breaks or fails before its time...I personally could not imagine very many people keeping a mirrorless camera long enough, with enough volume in shutter actuations, to hit the shutter life limits before moving on to another camera.  Certainly it would seem to be measurable in years, rather than months, for most folks...and certainly the chance that other parts will be worn or abused or possibly fail before the shutter does seems much higher.

I've had my 5N now since the end of January, so essentially 11 months.  I use in-camera HDR extensively, and HHT mode extensively, and fire in burst modes about 80% of the time when I go birding.  I don't have the precise count just now, but when I last looked a month or so ago, I was at around 10,000 shutter actuations (estimating for the HDR and HHT amounts added in).  Since then, I've gone on an 11-day Caribbean and South American vacation where I shot 1,400 more frames, and a Disney trip where I shot 1,400 frames - out of those, several hundred were HHT or HDR, so figure 1,200 more for the multiple frames, that's about 4,000 more actuations I'm around 14,000 now.

My NEX3 I had about a year had less actuations on it (I didn't use it nearly as much for birding due to not having a viewfinder), and I gave it away with around 6, the hands of a relative it has been on 3 cruises (14-day, 35-day, and 32-day) and a trip to Ireland and has had approximately 7,500 more frames it's probably close to my 5N overall.  Though that figure could be considered a little higher if the electronic first curtain shutter issue is added in - since the NEX3 didn't have it.

I had my A550 DSLR for several years of very hard use - I had approximately 70,000 shutter actuations on that's still fine, and idling as a backup cam if I ever had a problem with my A580.  My A580 sees much more shutter actuation than my A550 did, because of the MFNR function which I use extensively...I'm already at around 40,000 on the A580 in a bit over 1 year.

None of those were rated pro bodies - but at the same time, I never take the shutter life to be anything more than an averaged guideline idea - any one person could have their shutter die significantly earlier or ridiculously later...a camera with an estimated shutter life of 50,000 could see 300,000 actuations and still be going strong.  I had the original timing belt on my 1990 Mitsubishi Montero SUV last for the entire 170,000 miles I put on the truck, despite it supposedly being good for around 60,000 miles.  Most other cars I've had in my life I've ended up selling or trading long before I ever approached worries about such failures.  The same likely goes for cameras for most folks - unless you are running over 100,000 actuations a year and intending to keep the same camera body for 3+ years, you're not likely to experience shutter failure before you've moved to a new body.  And if you're shooting 100,000 frames a're either a serious professional or maybe shooting a wee bit too many frames!  

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