Pentax K5 II vs Pentax K5s II

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Re: Pentax K5 II vs Pentax K5s II: one more Dutch difference

Riezer wrote:

janneman02 wrote:

it HAS finally landed, in Urk, for € 1.199,00...

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Urk... oh my:)

K5II does 849,- and K5IIs 1199,- Now thats 350 euro difference, odd...

i would let pentax know about this, as pentax announced it would only be a $100 price difference. it seems like price gouging.

As for the OP's topic- I would go with the IIs. If you plan on keeping this cam, $100 isn't even an issue. That's the cost of a nice dinner out. And while your splurging- go ahead and pull the trigger on one of the 3 fa ltds(31/43/77) If you don't already have one. It's pentax's Crown Jewels and will improve your photography significantly. Atleast it did for me. I wouldn't think of owning a pentax without one.

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