Nikon D7000 + 35 F/1.8 --> Sony NEX-6 35 F/1.8 - Size Comparison

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Re: Nikon D7000 + 35 F/1.8 --> Sony NEX-6 35 F/1.8 - Size Comparison

viking79 wrote:

Dennis wrote:

D Cox wrote:

That Nikon DSLR is much bigger than it need be. There is really no reason why a half-frame digital SLR should be twice the size of a full frame film SLR.

(Size in cubic centimetres).

What autofocus SLR is half the size of the D7000 ?

Pentax K-5 is much smaller, and I prefer the grip/controls/quality, but focus isn't quite as good in low light. I think he said film SLR, which are rather small, like a Pentax MX or Olympus OM.

Yes, but he also said the D7000 is larger than it *needs* to be and that there is *no reason why* it can't be made small.  That's why I compared it to AF SLRs: there are very good reasons that it can't be as small as those old manual focus, mostly mechanical film bodies.  My Minolta 7 was noticably smaller than my DSLRs have been (I don't know how it compares to a K-5) but not nearly half as small.  It had great ergonomics, if lacking a couple digital controls, and it had a nice viewfinder.

I don't see DSLRs getting much smaller to compete with ILCs.  The pentaprism VF models tend to be bigger with larger grips, LCDs, batteries, and probably won't go any smaller than the K-5, if they even bother trying to get that small.  Entry level models have gotten pretty small; the Sony A33 pretty downright petite, and I think Sony even backed off at least on some models that grew in size (I'm trying to recall if the A55 was about as small as the A33, and then the A57 was bigger again).  Pentax tried the K-01 and it was a flop.  That's my real point - if you want small, you pretty much have to go ILC because there isn't a whole lot of room to make DSLRs much smaller.

- Dennis

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