How do you take pics, the whole process.

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Re: How do you take pics, the whole process.

With city or country scenics in mind, take the shot that made me stop.   Then work the scene. . . the most common thing done is to do just that from the standing position.   Working the scene means trying to see other or more compelling perspectives, and that can be a refining process as one moves around and is able to take in  and consider all the elements about the scene that could or should not be part of the composition.   At times I think of several photographers being there, and how differently they might interpret the same scene at hand.   What might they see that I might not be seeing?   Assess the compositions in post, and pick the best of the lot to develop (that could man one or three rise to the top, but it also could mean none  are really worthwhile - and with that I'd try to consider why it worked out that way).

Exposing for the sensors capability rather than the immediate visual result, the OOC exposure is expected to need work. Different exposures/objectives can call for different amounts of attention in this regard.   The specs of the exposure are considered and set as the scene is assessed (for the best 'negative' intended to be developed), and in post work the tones and colors are massaged in general, then maybe more work is done when the balance of tones across the composition can use it.   Look for and correct potential distractions.   Sometimes the framing is precise, but more often I frame a little wider in case perspective correction is called for (that invariably means a crop will occur) and/or crop with a more refined eye to the consideration.

I'm of the school that considers there's a difference between taking and making a photograph, the enjoyment of taking being only part of the process of making.   It's not THE way or the only way, but it's the approach from which I get the most enjoyment and reward.   I've been at it for a good decade now, and I think I'm starting to 'get it'.  The trick is to know what NOT to show, and when reviewing what's been taken trying to keep the phrase Delete Ruthlesslyin mind (attributed to Mario Westphall, iMatch author)  

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