f/8-compatible body?

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Re: f/8-compatible body?

Thanks for the correction, interesting info, and of course what you say makes sense. Obviously I hadn't seen any previous description of this.

I'm having a little trouble following your second paragraph. Are you saying that the issue is one of AF sensor placement? I feel like I'd need a picture to understand what you're getting at here.

Edit: If you have a link to a more comprehensive description of the issue, it would be great to see.

BTW, while I certainly accept your description of what's going on here, your comment about AF in bright sunlight isn't dispositive in itself.  If my understanding had been the case, I could certainly see a situation in which a manufacturer would simply disable AF at f/8 just because of poor low-light performance without regard to how it would do in daylight, which is what I'd assumed had been going on.

Regardless, thanks for correcting my misstatements.  Too late to edit my original post, too bad.

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