Official: No More 4/3 Bodies (lenses)

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Re: Official: 4/3 Sensor is DEAD

Note that the article says this camera has been in development since 2009. This is an aspect of camera design I mention regularly in response to those who think that design changes are done in reaction to forum posts and the reaction of a small percentage of customers. People who think that Olympus said "Ok, the E5 is selling well. What should we do next?" don't seem to understand that's not how things work.

Since m4/3 first came out, I've been of the opinion that it was the goal of Olympus from the beginning of their involvement in the 4/3 consortium. Despite the advantages of dslr design, there are plenty of disadvantages as well. So too with mirrorless. However, while the disadvantages of the dslr are pretty much going to remain due to basic physics, the disadvantages of mirrorless will be lessened as technology improves. If a person simply has to have an OVF, well, go with a company that will continue to produce dslrs, but don't complain about Olympus going with what they feel is going to be most profitable. Being in shrinking minority that wants to hang on to 60 year old technology is a choice made by the individual, not the company that has never had a decent market share with that sort of camera and is struggling financially.

Would I have liked to see a "conventional" E7 come out? Perhaps. However, I do think that anyone who is now deciding to abandon Olympus without even knowing the specs of the hybrid camera should definitely jump ship. I say this because if they are the sort to make such a decision based on an announcement of a camera that's a year from release, they will never be satisfied with any system anyway, much less Olympus.

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