What is the advantage of an optical viewfinder over an electronic viewfinder?

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Re: EVF vs. OVF comparison

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  1. Full color gamut, resolution, and dynamic range of the eye
  2. Coarse manual focus is still faster with OVF.
  3. You can upgrade to split prism focus screen
  4. Doesn't use battery. Both extends battery life, and usable with camera turned off.
  5. Instant. No lag. This was a severe problem with EVFs. Modern EVFs can be very fast, although they get worse in low light


  1. You see exposure before you shoot. Beginners can do full manual from day one.

Formatting went away but this is laughable. You can only use manual mode if you know how to use manual mode. I've heard of people saying "I under use M mode, photos always turn out dark when I do". You have to know to move the shot settings around in manual mode.

  1. You can review photos accurately.

Not sure how photo review is related to an EVF. You can accurately review photos with the screen on a dSLR.

I am not sure what EVF camera you have but the image review through the EVF of my Panasonic GH2 is significantly better than the image review on the LCD of my Canon 7D

"Hey Joe, take a look at this photo!, just put your eye up to the little viewfinder and look at it"

(Joe)"Huh? but it's so small to look at". LOL

I guess you haven't peek on the Sony A99 EVF or LCD yet....

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