Am I seeing the effects of diffraction?

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Re: Am I seeing the effects of diffraction?

LH wrote:


Great idea to try it out manually with Photoshop.

While looking at the Zerene Stacker website one thing didn't make sense to me. They talk about how at the high end you can link up with an automated focusing rail. With focus stacking wouldn't you always want to keep the camera in the same position and change focus? From looking at the automated rig it looks like it moves the camera/lens. Wouldn't that change the image in a dramatic way beyond just shifting focus? I must be missing something. When I get some time, I'm going to try the manual technique you describe.

You are right, which is why we value telecentric lenses for extreme macro. I myself use a stackshot with zerene and it is a fantastic combination. This definitely looks like diffraction softening to me, the second posted image nails it.

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