Official: No More 4/3 Bodies (lenses)

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Re: You do realize,,,

D'OH...that's just a mistake.

I can't seem to edit it, but I don't recall a time-limit on I missing something?

revio wrote:

whoodle wrote:

I forgot about that...but honestly, I didn't have the heart to say the MFT SYSTEM is dead...which in many ways, this news signals.

A MFT (mirrorless) camera that can use FT lenses is just a way of keeping people in the brand & giving a nice level of flexibility (and a transitional pathway) to many of you that have lots of FT glass (most of which is better than MFT stuff) but would still like a smaller body and/or the better sensor tech that the MFTs now have.

Art_P wrote:

m43 uses the SAME sensor as 4/3.

To claim the sensor is dead is rubbish

to claim the format is dead is rubbish

And the 4/3 mount will live on for some years at least- they wouldn't go through the trouble if they wanted to abandon 4/3 entirely.

Maybe no new 4/3 lenses, but Oly considered the lineup more or less complete anyway. I suspect they'll continue to make 4/3 lenses as long as folks will buy them.

Perhaps, though, it's the DSLR that is dead.

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And, if that´s so, why then do you say "MFT SYSTEM" is dead? Isn´t it MFT that will keep on, and FT that "may" be dead?

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