Tethering a phone to laptop, etc.

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Re: Tethering a phone to laptop, etc.

Joikuspot connectivity will depend on your carrier, and thus your data plan. Tethering is usually a paid service, and they filter by the type of data sent & received.

I have found that I could always connect wirelessly through Joiku from my laptop to do mail -- that is, POP3 & SMTP connections worked even with just a regular data plan, but I could not browse. On my new subscription, I have a second SIM card with 1 GB of data/month. They made that option mostly for tablets. I put that SIM in an old phone with Joikuspot Pro, and I use it as a wi-fi hotspot for Internet & e-mail, just like they advertise. With it on a separate device, I run no risk of running of battery on the 808. I have Joiku light on my 808, which I occasionally use for e-mail.

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