An essay on the RX1 & fotografie in general

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Re: An essay on the RX1 & fotografie in general


Don't take this as if I'm bashing your experience or the RX1 as a camera. When the camera was released, I did indeed bash it because I didn't get the concept, but after playing around with one for some 15 minutes, I was in love, too. If the price would be more in the range generally acceptable for married men with kids and a loan on a house, then one would be on its way.

But about your post: I know that feeling. Not with the RX1, but with other cameras. I had it with film SLRs and rangefinders, I had it with my E-P1 and an LX3. I even had it when switching to a different lens on the same SLR. It feels like I'm looking with new eyes, as if I'm a tourist in a place that is extremely familiar. New equipment can do that, but it wears off, too.

That's why I like your last sentence: in the end, we indeed make photos with our mind and not with our eyes. When we get "too used" to the circumstances, everything looks dull. New equipment can kick us back into novelty mode, which is when we are surprised at how many good photos there are to be made and how good a photographer we can actually be. It's more challenging to invite that novelty mode when required. This basically means that I should try not to watch through my mind that considers things "obvious" or "dull", but through a mind open for everything that is new.

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