RX100 ISO performance vs NEX & Entry level DSLR

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Re: RX100 ISO performance vs NEX & Entry level DSLR

2eyesee wrote:

BubbaHotepUK wrote:

I've taken some test shots using the RX100 and NEX-C3 with kit lens (plus a couple with the 50mm and 18-200mm lenses) in my gallery here:


Thanks for the comparison shots much I was just wondering what settings you used for some of these. For example, NEX-C3 long 1:

Shutter speed: 1/3 sec
Aperture: F32.0
ISO: 1600

Why f/32? You could have taken it at f/5.6 at ISO 400 and 1/25 sec for the same exposure and achieved a much better result.

As I said, I wasn't aiming to get optimal results, I was just testing at the limits of each lens as it seemed like a fair comparison.  I've noticed with the RX100 that either I'm shooting wide with maximum aperture, or really pushing the zoom at the long end.  It's one of the mains issues with the RX100 - the rapid drop off in maximum aperture over the focal range.

I missed the tilt screen of the NEX when taking the RX100 pictures, but the RX100 has a vastly better UI & controls. The C3 body is virtually the same size as the RX100 body, but of course the lenses are much larger. The F3 body seems much larger than the C3 and RX100, but I've not seen one other than in shops. If I had to choose to keep one camera, the extra flexibility of the NEX would easily win it for me, BUT, the RX100 camera is the one that is always in my coat pocket.

I would miss the NEX tilt screen too, but I'm just wondering if it's worth sacrificing this and a little image quality to have a camera that will always be on me when I need it. Interesting though that if you had to choose one it would be the NEX - is this simply because you have additional lenses to take advantage of it?

I'm inclined to think that if I am just staying with the kit lens I would be better off with the RX100 for its pocketability. Conversely, I also feel to make it worthwhile keeping my NEX-F3 I really need to do it justice by getting a fast prime for it.

It's a really tough call if you can't have both. They are quite different tools.  My approach would be to stick with the F3, since you have it, and wait for the announcement of the RX101 (or whatever the next version is).  Then prices on the existing model will plummet, and you can snap one up cheaply, then decide what to do with the NEX.

Incidentally, I had every intention of selling the HX20v when I got the RX100, but it does stuff that neither the RX100 or C3 can do, so ended up keeping that as well!

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