Considering buying the HS30

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Re: Considering buying the HS30

Kim Letkeman wrote:

I don't think you need to explain your dissatisfaction with Nikon, everyone is well aware considering how often you like to explain it. The thing is, the Nikon shooters understand what Nikon AF can do, and we understand that some people never get the hang of it. It's all good ... but my point was how relieved Nikon would have been to see your tail lights.

Kim why so overly dramatic all the time?

You really think someone in an office breathed a sigh of relief when I stopped using Nikon? I doubt it I am one person out of a lot of people who buy cameras. Dumb post full stop.

I actually think Nikon have a lot of QC problems esp with recent bodies and their "never admit to problems policy" is also very poor.

I have no idea how the Minolta comment relates to this conversation ...

Wake up Kim I AM a Minolta user..and always was.

I have toyed with grabbing an F800EXR when they drop to 250 or so. Fuji make, for me, the best long zooms out there. But I would not spend the money required to grab one of their X cams as I think you can get much bigger bang for your buck with m4/3.

I'm not into micro 4/3 never was...and it's def not a dump DSLR mount choice either. Heck I'd have swapped a D7000 for a loaf of bread that's how little I liked it overall.

Some of them are ok on price pretty cheap blow deals. I never liked the Panasonic rendering of tones much though you can work that a bit.

Used to use Olympus years ago but they shafted their OM and normal 4/3 users badly, add the corporate corruption saga and it's a company I'd never likely buy a paper clip from let alone a camera.

Problem is it's never "just a camera and kit lens" if it was then great a G3 with kit would rock fire away dudes not a bad deal. I'll await the X20 and look at that rather than yet another ILC or mount.

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