All my lenses just doubled in length ....

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Re: All my lenses just doubled in length ....

very interasting testing of CIZ

Who can believe Sony's marketing claiming CIZ is just as good as an optical zoom? this is of course impossible if you consider "normal quality" zoom lens.

Anyway, the CIZ is quite impressive. sound it can be much better than traditional digital zoom.

On your first test (16-50 vs 18-200), the CIZ image is significantly inferior than the optical zoom image.

But on the second test: 18_200 + CIZ vs 18-200 @200mm, the result are much better for CIZ. the CIZ image seems slightly shaper than the opticaly zoomed image, at the cost of a "over processed" looking. But this remain very interesting anyway.

Seems the CIZ is very dependant of the original image quality. Seems CIZ can give good result if your origianl image is very good and sharp, but give dramatic result if used on a bad basis.

It would be interesting to do another test: prime lense with CIZ (50mm x2) vs optical zoom (ex: 18-200@100mm).

and also to see the comparison with traditions digital zoom

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