So, I have a 6D and a D600 in hand right now...

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Re: So, I have a 6D and a D600 in hand right now...

I've enjoyed this thread! Cool thing that you rented them both out.
In my photography course, there was a friend who couldn't decide between Canon or Nikon, and it was really stressing them - to which the teacher simply said "Choose whichever one feels best in your hands". So she went with Nikon.
Neither camera is better than the other, it's all personal choice. I haven't tried the Nikon but I'm THOROUGHLY enjoying my 6D
With the button arrangement debate - in the end, so long as the buttons are intuitive enough, neither are better than the other, you'll get used to using any system and work around what's offered. Unless there's something terribly unintuitive about a particular system or lack of easy access.
I'm grateful I read all this thread though - the "set a custom function for mirror lockup" is damn nifty! I had no idea I could do that.
Good luck with your final purchase, if you choose to get one of them.

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