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Re: harping versus peer review ...

Besides I also think we see things differently in a lteral way. I have now seen some other comparisons of yours and it seems pretty consistent: you see the difference two and than add that it ain't much or say it has something to do with the settings of the cam. Again, I use EPL5 and Gh2. When we look at that comparison with the woman with the book and the hair...It is not saturation I think, based on my experience with both cams, it is that the Panasonic sensor loses colourdepth faster than OMD does. It also loses tonality and it is both about a stop or so when equalised for ISO differences. Otherwise, it is close to two stops. I know the JPEG engine is different, but I have shot RAW and the difference as many users of both cams (Sony and Pany sensored 16 MPixel that is) know is not a JPEG artifact. We see the book is handled really much better while the rest is not a big difference.

In the dpreview comparison look at the edges of the yellow feathers...I can see the detail there in the OMD and I lose them in the Gh2. Your notion that GH2 gets less light...Have uyou not considered that ISO on both cams is different as noted again by DxO mark.  If it would all look the same that would be even worse for Gh2, because that would negate the narrowing of the gap DxO ways of measuring introduces. The GH2 sensor is more sensitive at a given ISO range by 1/2 a stop than OMD. Exactly what I found too.

You have been arguiing with me about this. I did not expose right, I should meter right etc. If you look at my tests they are in complete agreement with what DxO has found, they also had a very well lit area in it in which GH2 cvould not retrieve the information. And when it could, we lost the information in the dark area which had apostcar din it that became mushed and not readable in contrast with the EPL5. You did not want JPEgs either, you wanted RAWs etc. So why do use dpreviews and imaging resource JPGs for comparison which indeed use different exposures (at least dpreview) to validate your findings? That seems to be double standards, but you might have a good explanation.

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