What Terminator 2 and Street Photography can have in common

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What Terminator 2 and Street Photography can have in common

First post in this area - Well, I was all fired up, ready to go for some street photography with my Olympus PEN E-PL1 Camera and ditched my usual Sony Monster the A77.

I had been inspired by a lovely ebook "Going Candid" - (Great book by the way) from Thomas Leuthard (http://www.thomasleuthard.com), which advises, to get great shots, to focus, wait until they turn and take the perfect shot.  Egged on by comments such as "The shorter your focal length is, the bigger your balls have to be…" (I WAS shooting at 16mm)... I cold bloodedly took the shot.

I decided to take a picture of a man, say, who looked to be in his twenties.  He looked annoyed and said "What are you doing!" but didn't say anything else.  I did as advised - avoided eye contact and just moved on, to be with my wife and two children.  A few minutes later, we got onto an elevator to go to the ground floor, and the elevator door closed..  We waited, expecting the lift the descend, as it usually did when...  slowly, the doors parted inch by inch, reminiscent of the famous scene out of Terminator 2, and a woman came in and started to abuse me.  You know the scene I mean?  This one --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bgjl2pmEOxs  And trust me - she was just as scary.  She waded in to a full elevator and proceeded to scream at me in front of my two children.

"You took a photo of my teengage son!  You pervert!"  She then demanded that I show my camera pictures to her, while again screaming about how I was a pervert who took pictures of teenage boys (nevermind that my wife and two children were next to me!).

To be clear - I had point blank - taken a picture of a man's face.  He certainly did not look to be a 'teenager'.  She also declined any reasonable conversation, though I advised her I was testing a new camera, had broken no laws.  I told her she had no rights to ask to see my pictures (though I half got ready to show her - but flicking through dozens of pictures that makes no sense to people who are not street photographers is just as likely to get her going...).  After the elevator cleared (Gee, thanks bystanders...) she told me that she had told the Police.  I had finally had enough.

"I have done nothing wrong.  If you have a problem with what I did, I suggest you go to the Police and complain".

I analysed some issues that led to this...

- The dorky, slovenly T-Shirt I was wearing that probably didn't do me any favours.  Nor did the fact that I hadn't combed my hair and am 6" 3 - which makes me stand out, and my boyish looks, which make me look 23 when I am 36...

- The fact that my Oly E-PL1 is SILVER and stood out like a sore thumb

- Thomas Leuthard's methodology probably doesn't inspire new friendships...

- The Oly's BEEP-BEEP!  when it acquired a focus lock

- Followed by a KA-CHUNK as the shutter smacks down, 30cm from his face..

Okay, Okay, Yes, I confess, I definitely was not being subtle... - May I add for the first time ever.

What technique do you use?

What is your worst experience?

What do you say when you are abused?

And is there a way to turn off the BEEP-BEEP! when it acquires focus!!?

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