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Re: harping versus peer review ...

1) the tests of the 12-50 reveal that it is not a good performer, especially at the edges. You focussed on the edges. Tests specifically state that 12-35mm gets excellent sharpness also at the edges of the ffram when stopped down to f4 anf f5.6. And in no way is the 12-50 equalling that performance. But that is your way of arguiing: you throw in blanket statements, tests that are not comparable because of different and very importantvariabels while you are hypercritical towards others.

The reason the red car is not as sharp has nothing to do with the 12-50 mm being harper at the edge than the 12-35. Show me one test that reveals that. it is the other way around. It is clearly the noise affecting the reds blurring detail away. It is a showcase of the Sony sensor being better in that department.

2) Noise, where you were looking for is clear in all pictures of G5: it is more visible and many people including me will say it is about 1/2 to a full stop depending on the ISO range.

In your constant arguments where people talk about IQ, you constantly refer to "your test. People are talking about IQ, not just noise performance yet you insist, based on your tests, hat it ain't there. Now it seems you are only talking about noise and not colour, tonality, DR and colour depth which are all important for the final result. Did I mention that the lens used is important too?

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