A b/w portrait for c&c

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Re: A b/w portrait for c&c

jspinnell wrote:

A pic from a recent job. Quite satisfied with it.
Some good ol C&C is greatly appreciated.

It probably isn't entirely appropriate to post edited copies of your image without first asking... but that one is all of 1) a really interesting face, 2) a composition that can be adjusted in many ways, and also 3) complex to the point of making it difficult to adequately describe suggested edits short of posting an image to show the effect.

Hence, I'll add another one:

Selected local contrast adjustments, and cropped.  Subtle edits with overall dramatic effect.

Fave Photog's appeal to authority, with an unnamed supposedly high priced photographer whose style is summarized by someone not so well qualified, is not particularly useful or valid.  His own personal opinion of what looks better is of interest, though I disagree with it.  I thought ​PenguinPhotoC and​ Zionimage both made very good suggestions.

The above edit shows the effect of offsetting the main subject to one side, specifically not clipping any of the wonderful detail in his hair though, and balancing the whole image a little better by  changing the contrast and brightness of the "blob" on the left side.  The eyes and mouth were sharpened slightly to get more contrast.  The area around the eyes was adjusted for brightness and contrast in several small areas, most of which increased brightness and decreased contrast.  The contrast for his hair was increased.  The collar and most of the clothing was also adjusted for more contrast.  There are areas of the jacket on the right side that were cloned to removed distracting detail.

I didn't try it, but probably colorizing the background could have a rather dramatic effect with this image too.  It would be very interesting to post it in the Retouching forum to see what happens, as that is a favorite play over there.

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