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I just took some time to work through a few of his weddings to get a feel for what he does. Hmm.. where do I start?!

I am very much into different styles and different approaches but I'm still left with a feeling of unease with his work. I don't see any connection with his subjects in much of this.

His work is fantastic, don't get me wrong, but I think his clientele must be very narrow, something that might not be transferred to the average couple wanting great photos. If I had the money I wouldn't hire him for my wedding, and trust me, I like different.

I think his biggest asset is being able to work with selective blurring in post processing, knowing when and where to use it.

A lot of his pictures are shot with a really shallow depth of field but then he further exaggerates that with post processing blur. You'll notice that many pieces are not able to be shot that way with equipment. I'm not opposed to processing at all, you'll note I do a lot of it, but this is something of a feeling and maybe not something that you'll learn from him. Definitely his own style.

Desaturation of colours or muting is also used a lot in his style.

He also really works landscape and outdoors with his stuff, really pushing the surroundings into the shots.

Also, I find a lot of his work, even at the small presented images present much noise introduced through his processing. I would be very curious to see how his actual printed pieces hold up at large sizes.

Please don't get me wrong. I think he is great. I'm envious in a unique talented way and think he has a true gift, but it's unique and very much his own in a term that I would put him as a Tim Burton of wedding, does that even make sense??

I wonder how much for $2k you will get from the class and how much you can translate into your own business and is that a real style the average person wants. It's hard enough to get clients let alone a unique style that caters to a minority.

But who am I to speak, clearly his is doing much better than I am. LOL

Thanks for sharing his name. I'm going to study this guy more.

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