Ban violent games too?

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Re: Of course violent games affect ppl...

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All input into the eyes/brain affects the thinking of ppl...and thinking affects actions . Not all respond equally, but there most definitely is influence leading to acting out of thoughts in the mind.

OK, don't believe me ? Advertisers spend millions and millions of $$, tv, movies, games, etc influence ppl to buy their product...or to go along with what they are promoting. It works...that's why they do it. Different ppl react to different degrees/messages.

Not only in guns, btw. All genres. You canNOT deny that influence works.

I agree it affects the decision making but strong minded person with high moral and spiritual values can tell what is entertainment or not, what is right or wrong in real life application. In addition, I go back to the parents' job to reinforce the mindset of their kids the differences. Two of my nephews played a lot of Halo games for eye and hand coordination exercise and both are successful dentist and doctor right now.

It's that 1 in 5 (20%) that you have to worry about.

To them, these games become reality and some of that 20% will act out their own reality.

Schools, malls, movie theaters, sporting events, restaurants or anyplace else that's convenient.

We're living in a crazy world with millions of people who could snap at any minute. Most of them commit suicide after their killing spree so they obviously don't care about being caught or being killed themselves.

The only way to stop them is to figure out a way to identify them before they can act out their fantasy and put them somewhere away from normal people.

There are too many people to find them and stop them, what we need is less people total. Why would society want 20% of its population isolated and most likely useless what a waste of life. Make life special, important, not abundant, irrelevant.

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