Ban violent games too?

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Re: Ban violent games too?

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you should read up on the Manson case, things like this will not make someone into a mass murderer unless that person has a predisposition to it already.

Last night, on NBC news, a segment was naturally devoted to the recent school shooting.

In part of the segment the broadcaster stated that experts say 1 in 5 kids living in this country have mental health issues.

That's 20%, and with those kind of numbers, violence is going to be hard to stop.

Granted, a person with a sound mind isn't going to do something stupid, just because of a video game or movie, but that other 20% represents millions of people who could be a big problem.

And yet there is also proofs that playing a violent game will act as a release for the pent-up aggressions of society..

Some moron in the post office gave you the shiits with his bureaucratic ways? Don't blow him away, go play Postal.

Released in 1997.

Some idiot driver cut you off? Say no to road rage and wipe his face in the mud in a racing-shooty game (Carmageddon?)

Released in 1997.

Feeling piissed off in general? Blow them to hell in CoD or Black Ops.

uh.... Black Ops IS CoD

Just how old are you ??

Just what is the relevance of the age of the person.

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