Micro 4/3 and te two kit lenses for long term use.

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Re: Micro 4/3 and te two kit lenses for long term use.

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Anyone have any thoughts on just using an Olympus pen with the two kit lenses for long term use. The kit lenses are 14-42mm and 40-150mm or there about. What do you all think about using this combo for a year or more? Do these lenses give enough range and flexibility for long term use? Any thoughts and opinions are welcome.

I have seen videos were photographers say a prime 35mm and 50mm lenses are great to have. But the two kit lenses cover that range. Anyone own a camera (DSLR, u4/3, whatever type) and only have two lenses, are you happy with your kit?

A camera is a tool. It doesn't make great images, a photographer does. 90% of the image is the photographer. A great photographer will take great images with an iPhone and a bad photographer will take bad images with a D800. As long as the tool fits your needs, then you don't need more lenses. If you find you need lenses with a wider aperture, then you need a different tool. If your images are not sharp enough or have too much distortion -- for your taste -- then you need a different tool. A good lens profile in lightroom or DXO can fix a lot of those problems though. There is always something better gear wise. Maximize your photography knowledge first and if you still feel you need a new tool, then think about some new gear.

So your basically saying you are +1 for just using two kit lenses, great!

What camera equipment do you have?

No. I am saying 2 kit lenses can be the right tool for certain people, but are the wrong tool for others. You need to examine your own needs.

Sorry you misunderstood the point of the question. It is not about me, it is whether or not people think they can live with the two kit lenses for long term use. It is just a hypothetical question. I still say your answers put you in the plus 1 category.

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