AF Studio lense for D800, around 50mm

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Re: AF Studio lense for D800, around 50mm

michaeladawson wrote:

FtoDin5min wrote:


I currently own 2 zooms (24-70 and 70-200) bought in the last few months as well as a few old primes from my film days. I am not a pro at all but I started also enjoying taking pics in an 'ok' equipped home studio. Taking mostly pictures for friends and family.

I would like to buy some 'around 50mm' prime that could make a visible difference in sharpness compared to the 24-70 2.8. Any recommendation for an AF lense?

Thanks in advance

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Correct me if I am wrong, but it sounds like

1. You are shooting portraits and 2. You have a very small "studio" space.

For shooting portraits I'm not sure why you would be using a 50mm lens unless you have a very small space to shoot in. I'd be going 85mm or higher. But that is your choice. I'm also not sure why you want a super sharp lens for portraits. But again, your choice.

So if you want sharp then I would second the vote for the 60mm f/2.8 micro.

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Mike Dawson

Hi Mike,

Space is not an issue at all.

I do shoot portraits but usually with the 70-200. I use the 24-70 mostly for family shots and also clothing pictures for my wife whose hobby is to design clothes...

Thanks for the advice so far.


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