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tomslaptop wrote:

I'll check into that there should be something like that available and thanks for the tip. Is that anything like a converter, I had thought about that but then you multiply the fstop also but not that big a deal cause your on a tripod anyway, I think before I try that i'll practice on it like it is but I will look into a extension tube as you suggest. We have eagles around here in Northern Wisconsin or seagulls is about the only birds this time of year.

No, just a plain old extension tube, no glass in it at all. I used a Canon FD 500 ext tube and I could focus at around 3 meters...... 9 feet. Poor rabbit took off after a couple of shots

So yeah, just a plain old hollow extension tube. Keep it in your pocket when you take it out and about. I would say a 25mm would be fine, but a 50mm will get you closer. I'll have a look around the net Tom and get back to you.

All the best Tom and darn nice lens. Looking forward to it.


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Thanks Danny - I saw it in a auction and made a low offer for it and nobody else bid on it so I got it as it was a charity type auction that they were selling to raise money and they took my offer. Came with a Mamiya NC1000 35mm camera and had a 50mm 1.4 on it so I got two good lenses. Kind of took a gamble cause if it had been a mamiya mount I would have been stuck using it on film only but I did some searching and thought it could have been a M42 or T2 mount. Its a pretty rare lens and I' feel lucky to have gotten it.

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