OM-D: Better that it seemed from forum posts.

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OM-D: Better that it seemed from forum posts.

Finally I bought an OM-D after considering the purchase for many months. I used to have a GF2 (actually I still have it), and I thought that I am the weakest point of my photography, and not the camera. But recently I took some photos which I considered good photos but were ruined by poor low-light capability of the GF2. Here is an example at ISO1600:

So I decided to buy into an OM-D. Before I bought it I had tried it in a shop. I wasn't impressed too much. However, now, after less than 1 week ownership, I am impressed in almost every aspect of this camera.

First of all: yes, it is _that much_ better in low light, than GF2 was. The first time I set the upper ISO limit to 2500, which looked horrible on the GF2 every time - in fact, I maximized in ISO800 on GF2 after got some really terrible results. Here is a photo at ISO2500 by the OM-D:

It's not only that the amount of noise is lower (about 2 stops). Even if the OM-D has about the some noise at ISO3200 that my GF2 has @800, the OM-D maintains much better color and better contrast at ISO3200 than the GF2 at ISO800! And that makes the difference.

So overall: regarding to low-light photography, OM-D is a true pleasure to use, and a big leap from GF2.

What about ergonomy? This is the most criticized part of the OM-D. For me, it is no issue at all. I have average sized hands and fingers, and I can hold the camera stable, I can reach every button easily. Oh, the buttons? I have no problem with them! I am able to push them without any difficulties. Overall: for me, OM-D is a joy to use. I do not consider to buy the grip to achieve better ergonomy, because it is already very good.

What about confusing menus? No, no! They are just fine! After I read so many whining here about it, I was ready for one of the most difficult exercises of my life. What I got was quite the contrary. It made me free after the restrictions of the GF2. Almost everything is customizable, and can be found in seconds. I think that if someone buys the OM-D _as a natural evolution step_ in his photography based on real needs after spending a 'long time' with his/her previous gear, then the menus and customization level of OM-D won't be chaotic or confusing but pleasing and logical.

Okay, not much to speak after less than one week, but a few more I want to mention:

-after importing RAW photos in LR, I was _shocked_. Why? Because I did not have to modify the pictures in any way to get pleasing results!! Okay, I can, if I want _different look_. But with GF2 I always had to modify the curves, contrast, black level, sometimes vibrance/colors to get what I like. Now, I don't have to do _anything_. Above ISO800 I do some light noise reduction, and I adjust the exposure level when needed, but that's all! That is similar to the way a friend of mine treats his images in LR - but he has Canon 5d mark II

-it is marvelous to have an EVF. Quite a different experience compared to composing on LCD.

-The eye-sensor is slow. It is really slow. Lags about half a second after you lift the cam to your eyes. On social events or street photography, you can loose moments and pictures due to this. I set the EVF always on. I like that I can do this! I like that I have a dedicated button to swich between LCD and EVF! Slow eye-sensor issue solved.

I am happy that after two years I let my GF2 go, and bought the OM-D. I think I have a very good camera for the next few years - maybe for even more. I am very interested in my further experiences after heavy usage. I hope this camera will keep impressing me. Thanks for reading my post!

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