Olympus EPL2 noise superior to EP3 and OM-D?

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Guy Parsons
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Finally, an answer....

myess wrote: OK. Here is a question. I know to turn the Noise reduction off but noise filter too? Pardon the naive question but what is the difference?

In the Oly world Noise Reduction is really dark frame subtraction and is best left on Auto so it will cut in at 4 seconds or longer exposures to help reduce noise build-up that happens in those longer exposures.

The Noise Filter item is the one that tries to lessen apparent noise but at the expense of detail smearing.

My approach is always Noise Reduction = Auto and Noise Filter = Off for jpegs, and also set Sharpness to -1 or -2 to lessen noise and nasty edge halos. Be aware that Olympus jpegs even at -2 Sharpness always have a little bit of sharpening added. Best to use RAW and sort it all out afterwards if needing a very large print or savage crops of an image.

All noise reduction and sharpening is best handled in post process be it jpeg or RAW.

In most cases noise does not matter at all for normal screen viewing or most print sizes, and sharpening is always best done as the last thing in post process to suit the display size or print size.

I always use auto ISO but set the high limit to what I can bear at the time, for average out and about I set it to 1000 or 1250 on my E-PL1 and maybe to 1600 if wandering in a really dark situation.

For just about all camera makers the top two ISO settings are a bad joke, just there for marketing reasons and not for actual photography.

Regards...... Guy

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