All those intimate secrets and memories buried in a sofa!

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Re: "Liebestraum"

HansAlbert wrote:


Her perfect hands, the strength and stamina of her right arm and her long hair together with her dress give her the appearance of being a concert pianist. The flowers on the cushion are the imagined flowers of the applause; they also indicate the nature of her dream: love poetry expressed in music. The initial ā€Lā€ of her arm reveals the music she is dreaming of playing perfectly: L = Liebestraum (Dream of Love) and L = Liszt. The most famous of these pieces contains a passage which evokes what the photo also can be read to depict: la petite mort. Art can be the sublest expression of life.

I'm blushing with Hans' associations. :,')

Introducing the notion of a pianist succumbing to an adoring audience brings to mind a less-subtle image of a fictional bordello madam fainting to a honky-tonk tune in the Wild a novel penned by no less than Louis L'Amour!

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