HS Girls Basketball

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Re: HS Girls Basketball

Your shots look great given how poor most HS gyms are!!  I can only see a few where the AF isn't quite where you'd want it. I have good luck holding the right focus point with the 7D. In AF single point with expansion and AI Servo it works great for me in outdoor sports. I haven't tried it indoors. Soccer nets and other high contrast areas can draw the AF's attention away from where I'd like it to be...but that's pretty rare if I'm careful. I'm not that happy with the 7D above ISO 4000 though. But, that may be that I'm asking too much of high school outdoor lighting and working on a football field. I got lucky recently and have been able to use a 5DIII (way expensive and full frame...but still a very capable camera for sports).

All shots below taken on the same field with the same lens...slightly different locations (which obviously changes lighting. All with amateur PP (at best).  All that being said...I am very happy with my 7D.

7D at 6400 with 70-300 L lens

7D at 3200 with 70-300

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