Anyone returning their RX-1?

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Re: 'Wow?", not so much..

I was never in love with the RX1 because I love the articulating and touch LCD screen of my 5N and I knew the RX1 didn't have one. I tried using my 5N without moving the LCD and not touching the screen and I did encounter times when that annoyed me, but I figured I could overcome it. The 5N doesn't have the external controls that I wanted so it annoys me as well (it's all a compromise). So I knew the RX1 was going to have wow me in image quality. It has done that, sure. But I am not convinced that I need the improvements that it provides over the Zeiss 24 and a better camera than the 5N (e.g., one with external controls perhaps). I go back and forth on what to do . . . and back and forth again. I've written about my back and forth twists and turns from seriously considering an A99 (articulating screen) or a D600 (cheap by comparison) or even a 5D3 (I can get my dream 50/1.2 lens) to seriously deciding to stick with the RX1 (my favorite and most used focal length). But the wheels always seem to be spinning in my mind. Part of me just wants to draw back and wait for the successor to the NEX 7 and see how they improve it. If I did that then I wouldn't sell my Zeiss 24, so the lack of that sale makes the NEX 7(N?) more expensive, but still about ~$700 cheaper than the RX1. Is the RX1 $700 better than the NEX 7 replacement with the Zeiss 24? I don't know.

Have you considered the NEX6 since you are smitten with the Zeiss 24. Plus the dials on the NEX6 seem easier to set up than the NEX7's TriNavi.


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