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Re: harping versus peer review ...

The peerreviewing system would disqualify this as a sensortest. An important variable is different on all threee cams: the lenses.

Also: with this pic testing the DR is impossible as there are no challenging highlights in this picture, so how can we assess the DR and especially the limits of the cams when their limit is not reached here? And DR is a stop or more better on the Sony sensors m43 cams compared to the 16 MPixel panasonic based mft cams.

The pics you used cannot reveal that to us. To make matters worse, the first comparison of yours deals with the edge of the frame. Now if we read the 12-50 test of lenstip for instance, the 12-50 is discredited as a whole as it won't get any praise, according to the reviewer. specially the edges are not performing well. And I do not agree at all, that even with the G5 using by far the best lens is an easy secod. Its detail is badly affected by noise which destrys the lens sharpness.

A bit further down, you say about the lacking detail in the car of the G5 that the Oly 12-50 is sharper than the G5 12-35mm lens...At f5.6 the 12-35 has excellent sharpness. in the edges of the frame. The 12-50 is no better. We can see that it is the noise of the G5 that again affects the image quality and sharpnes especially.

The last pic is again from the edge where the difference in lensperformance is the largest. Again, G5 cannot distance itself inspite of a much better lnes.

In short: no, people cannot get a better picture with a cam that uses a lens that is clearly worse than a cam that is close to it with a far superior lens. You are amazed by it? I am not.

Want sensor performance? Use DxO. Want to know how that translates into reallife? Compare withj keeping everything as equa as possible. Also: use pics that challenge the camera when it comes to noise and DR especiually.

It seems very basic knowledge for even enthusiast photpgrapher that lenses do affect IQ, so I wonder why you did not seem to get that one. We are seeing the difference between the best mFT lens and a truely average one affecting your comparison.

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