D800 and Motion Blur

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Re: D800 and Motion Blur

FractalMan wrote:

I have been using a D800 since the first month it came out and all-in-all I am extremely pleased, especially when I use it on a tripod (70-200) for doing panoramas (simply unbelievable).

However, when doing hand-held shooting, I have found that I tend to get motion blur (which I did not get with my 1DsIIand 5DII). In the past I would make sure my shutter speed was faster than the reciprocal of the focal length. That with image stabilization (when available) always resulted in tack-sharp images.

Now with the D800, this rule no longer works. I need a faster speed to avoid the motion blur. I had quite a bit of trouble with my 24-70, so I replaced it with a 24-120 with VR. It is certainly better in this context; yet, I am still finding that I am sometimes I get the motion blur.

Has anyone else experienced this? Have you found another rule-of-thumb that works well?

Let's settle on some terminology first motion blur usually refers to subject movement where VR will not help at all. What I think you are describing is simply camera shake where VR may ( with good technique) help in reducing operator camera/lens movement.

Personally I've had no more difficulties with longer shutter speeds with the D800 than any of my previous 6 or 12 megapixel Nikons. This pic was taken handheld at 1/15  f2.8 at minus 2 degrees C (I might add). Good technique is all important. Bad technique will just be more obvious at 36 megapixels but still be evident whatever the size of sensor


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