Stealth XE-1

Started Dec 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
samhain Senior Member • Posts: 1,246
Re: Stealth XE-1

Man, there's a lot of squares in this thread. Seriously, what kind of d*ck would leave a negative or rude comment about this?

I've always done this to all my cameras with gaffers tape. And at night, or in a dark bar, nightclub, venue, etc- when wearing a black shirt, it is 'stealth' in every sense of the word as 99% of people won't notice it with a glance. And for street photographers, investigative journalists and anyone photographing not so friendly folks or potentially hostile situations, it's extremely useful. Vital even. Not that any of the squares who left snarky comments would know. But those who know, know.

Now ya gotta hit those numbers on the lenses

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