Anyone returning their RX-1?

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Re: 'Wow?", not so much..

harry cannoli wrote:
"Did I do the right thing?" I know this to be true because I did the same thing when I looked at a brand new $5500 lens that was staring back at me from the coffee table.

I've been there done that too. Let me introduce you to a few Schneider lenses in my past. Lovely, but there were other ways to get to where I needed to go. Live and learn.

It's like the anticipation of an intimate relationship. You want it, you think of nothing else. You dream about the moment. That's the absolutely best part of any intimate relationship; the longing, the anticipation, the desire. Then the moment comes. Then the moment passes. Infatuation fades, that's when you start to think. You think without the filter of desire that's been over your eyes. Things start looking differently. "What did I do?", "OMG, she has a big *something* right at the tip of her nose."

Then again, you may really be in love.

I enjoyed reading ^ that ^. Carrying the analogy further, some of us probably need to be worried about rebound relationships.

In a way when I started selling off my medium format gear I might have done the rebound thing when I decided to put a large bunch of that cash into mirrorless compact cameras and lenses. I won't call that a mistake because the I've really enjoyed the freedoms small capable digital camera systems have brought me. Two years shooting mostly 35mm equivalent and I'm all smiles even though I know I would have done some other things with different gear. It's all good.

I've come around to consider that I probably would have been equally jazzed had I spend some of my cash on a capable DSLR and my favorite focal lengths, and instead of a high end compact system and adding even more rangefinder glass than I already owned, had chosen a relatively inexpensive, good enough IQ, durable, compact camera.

At the time none of the more limited compacts appealed to me at the time but thanks either to knowing today more about what's out there (such as Ricoh GRD) or new products (example: Sony RX100) today I may well have made a different decision.

You are indeed a pragmatic person, you skipped right over all the emotionalism and arrived at the perfect place.

I do think the RX1 appealed to me more than the NEX-7 and Zeiss ZA25/1.8 I almost bought in 2011 even though the latter camera is far more flexible, the rendering of the RX1 appeals to me in ways the NEX 24mm did not... and I already owned a 25mm and a swack of other glass. NEX-7 wasn't different enough to justify going there while the RX1 (ignoring price for a moment) was.

Had I decided to go forward, problems be damned, being so comfortable using 35mm as my go-to focal length I know I'd have made good use of the RX1. But the pragmatic side I know from experience would creep in within six months and at that point I'd be itching to make a decision - either keep it and commit the capital invested in it for many years, or sell it while the selling is good. I have done this before and chalked up the so-far relatively minor losses as fair rental on using the gear.

But this piece of gear has such a premium price and being unique we really don't know well it will bear up on the used market. I believe there is reason to be optimistic about resale values or I never would have put one on order in the first place. But that's a best guess - without anything current to compare we've no idea if the RX1 will hold value like a Leica or Zeiss lens will.

A modern DSLR doesn't hold value like a Leica or Zeiss lens either. Lenses can be forever, sensors are in the long run disposable. The RX1 is probably somewhere in the middle, aided at this time by lack of competition. That'll change at some point we can't predict so there's another concern.

If anything pondering over the RX1 for the last few months has in the end, as you can probably tell over the last couple of weeks, has caused me to spend some time wondering if I could re-think my gear a bit. Since I'm on hold for a bit I might as well use the opportunity to pretend I'm starting from scratch.

Thanks for all the thoughtful comments over the past few months.

Here's to avoiding rebounds,


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