Fuji 18-55 XF Zoom - dust breathing question?

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Re: Sorry, I misunderstood...

baobob wrote:


The EOS 5D is really a dust magnet

About zooms, I think the reason for the telescopic design is to get lighter and smaller lens

i also have the 70-200mm Canon (f4 IS) it is very strong but a bit too long (as long as my 100-400mm)

I have like U absolutely no dust problem with the XP1 and I'm also playing a lot with lenses

I think both the size of the sensor (FF vs APSC) and the presence of the mirror chamber might explain the difference regarding dust behavior

The actual problem in fact is that since I bought X100 and XP1, the EOS is accumilatin dust in the cupborad ...



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Robert, agree with all you have written.  I had a 5D MKII and used it for less than a 1000 shots.  Hated carrying it around and really hated the dust on the sensor all the time.  Sold all the Canon gear and moved to the Pentax K5 and the Limited Primes and a couple of DA* zooms.

When I need a DSLR I use the K5.. very good camera, very small and weather sealed.  The Pentax Ltd Lenses remind me a lot of the Leica M lenses, not as good but very nice.

I'll be very honest, the Panasonic GH2 I also use is really good.  The GH3 is probably not worth upgrading for but it is interesting.

Anyway, the camera I have with me 90% of the time is the XP1.  Truly an amazing little camera.

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