DP2m and D800 and another cam

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Re: DP2m and D800 another crop

A few observations for DXO:

(1) It's a bit 'different' than other RAW converters, so reading the manual is a good idea.

(2) There is a basic and advanced workspace. You'll want to use the advanced, which opens up all the tools for you. Also, by default the color profile will be generic. You have to select a camera specific profile for color.

(3) Some think it renders images as too sharp with its deconvolution lens softness function. This can be dialed down if you think it's making the images 'too' sharp.

I've only been using it for about a month. I bought the full version. Sometimes I use Capture NX2 or ACR (mainly for speed). It all depends. But I find it a useful program because it tends to extract more detail than other converters.

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