Nikon D7000 + 35 F/1.8 --> Sony NEX-6 35 F/1.8 - Size Comparison

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Re: Nikon D7000 + 35 F/1.8 --> Sony NEX-6 35 F/1.8 - Size Comparison

D Cox wrote:

That Nikon DSLR is much bigger than it need be. There is really no reason why a half-frame digital SLR should be twice the size of a full frame film SLR.

(Size in cubic centimetres).

What autofocus SLR is half the size of the D7000 ?

The D7000 isn't terribly big for an enthusiast class DSLR.  It compares with the A77, the A700 and KM 7D, the Canon 7D (bigger) and 60D.  Pentax is about the only one making enthusiast class DSLRs with decent pentaprism VFs that are smaller than typical, and not by much.

Personally, a much smaller DSLR doesn't interest me a whole lot.  It messes with the ergonomics without being able to be much smaller.  That overall depth from front to back can't improve by more than a couple mm's due to the registration distance.  I don't like oversized cameras, but if I'm going to have to deal with the DSLRs registration distance, then I'm fine with a mid-sized camera like the D7000 or others mentioned above that provide a decent set of accessible external controls.  There's no point in DSLRs trying to beat ILCs at their own game.  (Pentax tried that with the K-01 and it was recently available for fire sale prices).

- Dennis

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