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By the way, not to come off as too vicious but, you didn't happen to buy the 5D3 and D800 simply to run your comparison and then return them, did you? One of my pet peeves is people who take equipment for test runs. The cost of doing business accepting legitimate returns is not meant for people to take things for a spin. That's why you rented the other cameras.

Hi jm67, I help run a few online businesses and in the UK at least it's completely up to the customer what they do they buy online or via telephone / mail order. The law is there to protect the customer and to give them the shop experience (holding the goods in their hands, using it as expected, etc) which gives people the confidence to buy that way.

We then exceed what the law says we have to do in order to increase our sales (if someone is not quite decided they definitely will not buy if they can't return it).

At one company our expected returns rate is 40% - this is still cheaper for us than running a physical bricks and mortar store.

So in the UK at least I would disagree, the whole point of our distance selling regulations IS to allow people to take things for a spin, as they would in a store (and even at large retailers in the UK the store has to buy it's own stock to put out and/or demonstrate with, so that's one that can't be sold at full retail before anything else happens).

I'm not saying that I agree with it - but I am saying that's what it's for (personally I buy most things like that from a physical store when I can)

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I appreciate hearing about the "holding the goods" rules. I have to admit it makes sense but at the same time it's got to drive the price of goods up. I take back my little chide as in the UK the OP has done nothing out of the ordinary as opposed to where I am would be considered so. You'd think after all these years I'd be used to an world wide web

Hi JM67,

Firstly, I have no idea where the OP comes from - so it might even be Canada

But - it does drive the price up - but nowhere near as much as the price of having and staffing a store.  I think that people forget that when they think that everything should be sold to them at within 5 or 10% of cost (and it quite often is anyway!)  I keep hearing the stat that here in the UK we have the largest percentage of retail purchases that take place on the web and the backlash to that is that there are very few specialist stores anymore - London obviosuly has a lot because it's got such a high population density but I live in a town with a population of a couple of hundred thousand people and have another one 15 miles away that's 500,000 - but there is nowhere within an hours drive of me that would have something like a Nikon D4 or Canon 1Dx in stock.  So it just keeps spiralling.
Personally I drive an hour to go to a 'local' camera shop for big purchases, it's the same city that also has my hi-fi dealer and my cycle shop - but I realise that I am in a minority, lots of people use them for info then look online for the best price.

It's sad!

There is one store just a drive from where I am which is in Toronto that does not accept returns unless the gear is defective. Then an exchange only is allowed. This allows them to beat pretty much anyone around much of the time. The sell online and in their brick store. I realize that every store has different policies and expecting a 40% return rate is to me astounding. The big problem is now that I don't want to walk into a store or shop online and get a camera with 390 activations on the shutter. That's got to drive up your prices when you take something back and it's got to be sold as open box.

40% is a real pain - but that's not a consumer electronics business so most things are reworked and resold - unfortunately the cost of sending the goods out, dealing with the financials, reworking and restocking cost us £10+ per order and other companies will refund the return postage too (we do for faulties but have only had to do it once in 2 years of trading) but we do have the stock to sell again.

On the other hand, one of my other favourite local stores will allow returns. I've never had to return, only exchange but they do start to ask refund with store credit if the customers get carried away to discourage excessive buy/return.

I think that great customer service is always the key - *MOST* people will not abuse it and you fid ways to deal with the few that do.

Thanks for the converstion!

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