Anyone returning their RX-1?

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'Wow?", not so much..

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Re: Anyone returning their RX-1?

No, and yes - sort of. This week, shocking myself in the process, I decided not to take delivery of a unit I had on order.

My dealer in Portland, Oregon (no state sales tax, a good dealer I've bought cameras from in the past), finally got their stock - I've asked them to give up the product reserved for me to the next person waiting in line.

If so... what lead you to this conclusion?

Almost 100% attributable to Nervous Nellyism.

While following the discussions here and in other forums about certain RX1 issues I decided that I did not want to purchase the camera from a remote retailer in the U.S. in case my unit happened to suffer from lens de-centering or other issues that have been reported.

Reasonable. You have always seemed like a pragmatic sort of fellow, for you, a $3000 leap of faith seemed a bit much, at least to me. FWIW, I think you're being sensible and reasonable. See how things pan out with the camera, wait until the internal dialogue in your head slows down a bit, then decide. My $.02, you did the right thing.

I wouldn't be surprised if there are people out their with their RX-1's looking back at them from the coffee table, saying to themselves "Did I do the right thing?" I know this to be true because I did the same thing when I looked at a brand new $5500 lens that was staring back at me from the coffee table.

It's like the anticipation of an intimate relationship. You want it, you think of nothing else. You dream about the moment. That's the absolutely best part of any intimate relationship; the longing, the anticipation, the desire. Then the moment comes. Then the moment passes. Infatuation fades, that's when you start to think. You think without the filter of desire that's been over your eyes. Things start looking differently. "What did I do?", "OMG, she has a big *something* right at the tip of her nose."

Then again, you may really be in love.

You are indeed a pragmatic person, you skipped right over all the emotionalism and arrived at the perfect place.



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