Death of the DSLR?

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Hello Renato,

I agree in most points, but I see Nikon and Canon loosing market share to Panasonic, Samsung and Sony. And both have already lost in sensor technology: Canon is more than a generation behind Sony and Nikon uses Sony sensors.

could you explain how they have lost in sensor technology?

He is not thinking straight, he thinks nikon uses sony sensor and thus behind sony on sensor technology. This is the level of logic you are dealing here.

I hope to unterstand you correctly. My level of logic is indeed rather basic: when Nikon relies on Sony sensors this looks to me as if BMW gave up producing motors and used Mercedes motors instead.
Anyway, I see a one sided technological dependancy with the odds on Sony's side.
I hope you can proof me wrong.

And of course things might be different, if you look at et economic side with Sony/Panasonic etc loosing money while Nikon and Canon are making profits.

Further he also thinks nikon and canon losing market to others while forgetting that camera market is growing by users and is not constant. They may be losing some to mirrorless but that may not be canon - X cameras is other + X cameras.

Thanks for you interpretation. You are right to point this out, I didn't think it necessary to mention.


but the Olympus E-M5 relies on a Sony sensor.....

I hope I remember correctly: Sony has bought quite a lot of Olympus shares under the condition to exchange sensor against lens technology.
If this is right, it supports my point; Sony is in a strong position now, and soon they will have nice, Olympus designed lenses for their NEXes.


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