A very negative review of Sony 16-50mm

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Re: A very negative review of Sony 16-50mm

Annex wrote:

Shock news just in! Lens that is designed for software correction needs software correction!!!!!

Stop the presses.

More news for you : lenses designed for significant software correction are worse than lenses which need no or little correction - can we agree on that ?

If so, just spend a little time reading up on the topic, to find out what that magic correction stuff actually does . While the algorythms are very complex, the basics are not rocket science .

Basically some sort of interpolation occurs, and that's a very bad thing ; even worse when done in-camera, by some 2-bit app integrated in a low performance cam software . In the wide range of 16-18mm, the distortions alone are beyond repair, if proper IQ is required .

I can understand how people like this lens, and that it's good enough for them - no issue with that . I'm a big fan of the 1855 myself, which many consider a turd .

Just stop telling everyone how the 1650 is a good lens - it's a bad lens by modern standards, judging from every single high res sample I've seen; granted, there are no tests out yet by reputable sources .

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