Civilians do not need ground to air missiles, nor do they need assault rifles.

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Re: WHY are Americans different than everybody esle?

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Yes the world is now perfectly secure and governments are so secure that there will never be another uprising. There will never be a ground war in America huh?
It's an amazing level of arrogance required to believe that we are so superior to previous societies and less developed nations that we will never experience a civil uprising on our soil.

Shouldn't uprisings be handled by security forces and not civilians? You are more likely to have another civil war with everyone in procession of firearms.

Sometimes uprising and civil wars are against said security forces.

In American civil war both sides of the conflict fielded regular armies while armed civilians in the form of well organized militia played important but still pretty much auxiliary role.

I'll settle for " important but still pretty much auxiliary"

Bottom line -- get yourself an army before you start battling "security forces".


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