Anyone returning their RX-1?

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Re: Anyone returning their RX-1?

Yes, I returned the RX1 after a few days when it was clear that my wife and I preferred the Fuji X-E1 and X100. I am not a professional photographer and really just take family pictures, many of which are indoors in natural light. My main reasons for preferring the Fuji cameras were warmer and more pleasant skintones indoors (red/yellow push rather than blue/green), a higher percentage of sharply focused photos (presumably from camera shake though I am not sure, I generally keep shutter speed at 125), and better ergonomics for me.

I usually use JPEGs and then do some minor processing in Lightroom. I did try using RAW photos from the Sony to see if I could adjust the skintones to my liking but I was unsuccessful at that. I was disappointed as I was hoping to love the Sony for indoor natural lighting photos. It made me realize just how important skintone rendering is for me. That's not to say that the Fuji cameras are more accurate but they consistently provide photos with more lifelike and pleasant skintones to us. I showed my wife quite a few comparable photos of our girls with the Sony and the Fuji X100, and she always felt the Fuji colors were more accurate. She felt the Sony skintones had a bluish push to them versus the warm push of the Fuji. Even though I noticed the smoother high ISO images from the Sony versus the Fuji cameras, she did not comment on it. The color was the focus for her. I did not manually white balance any of the cameras but did try the auto versus incandescent settings. That's how I tend to shoot most photos so that was how I compared the cameras.

The lack of pinpoint focus from the Sony camera was only really visible when I zoomed the photos and looked at the eyes on a portrait. A fairly high percentage of photos lacked sharp focus whereas the Fuji cameras usually had sharp focus. Because some of the photos with the Sony were sharply focused, I believe this was probably due to camera shake even though I kept the shutter at 125 just like the Fujis. I am able to hold the Fuji cameras still at that shutter speed consistently but apparently not the Sony. That's probably because it is smaller.

I think the next camera for me will probably be another Fuji when they improve their sensor technology again. I also use an Olympus OMD and enjoy the colors from that as well. It has faster focusing than the Fuji cameras, and that comes in very handy at times.

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