Anyone returning their RX-1?

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Re: Anyone returning their RX-1?

mgatov wrote:
Re: Anyone returning their RX-1?

No, and yes - sort of. This week, shocking myself in the process, I decided not to take delivery of a unit I had on order.

My dealer in Portland, Oregon (no state sales tax, a good dealer I've bought cameras from in the past), finally got their stock - I've asked them to give up the product reserved for me to the next person waiting in line.

If so... what lead you to this conclusion?

Almost 100% attributable to Nervous Nellyism.

While following the discussions here and in other forums about certain RX1 issues I decided that I did not want to purchase the camera from a remote retailer in the U.S. in case my unit happened to suffer from lens de-centering or other issues that have been reported.

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