4/3 to m4/3...what to do?

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Re: Of all those listed

If I were in your position, I'd hold on to the 4/3 kit and pick up the E-M5 w 12-50, then add a lens here and there as budget permits.

Oh, I'd possibly trade in the 14-54 and 11-22 on a 12-60... or maybe swap the 14-54 MkI for the MkII wich will AF better on m43 and any newer 4/3 bodies you might pick up along the way

I only picked up the OM-D body so didn't pick up the 12-50mm.  Hearing mixed reviews for the 12-50mm so I decided to forego it.  I got the HLD-6 instead for the extra money.

I'm not sure I want to "invest" in anymore 4/3 lens at the moment unless something nice comes up like a 14-35mm F2.0.  I tend to stay in the 7-100mm for 90% of what I take.

My current plan is to get the 45mm and 12mm for travel and everything else for in town or not too far away.  Then I have a "light" travel kit and a "standard" 4/3 kit.  I'd love the 60mm macro as well but the 50mm with MF is useable.  I also don't like the fact the camera goes through the whole hunting sequence each time I focus.  The nice is that the quality of the photos are not affected and I'm happy I can take advantage of all the lens I already have.

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