Anyone returning their RX-1?

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Re: Anyone returning their RX-1?

After using the RX1 and seeing the results in lower light (e.g., like 98% of the shots I shoot in my house where we don't even use overhead lights), I was sold. But that got me thinking that I wanted FF for all focal lengths and I started to seriously consider the A99. I had previously ruled out the D600, but the huge sale on it made me reconsider. But yesterday I went into a camera shop and held and tested the D600. The stuff that I thought would be too limiting for me ended up being too limiting and I didn't like using the D600 around the shop. I then tried the A99 and I loved the articulating LCD. But, the size of these 2 cameras just seemed enormous. I know I used to leave my Nikon D70 at home in favor of a point and shoot, but that was before I got into photography. I thought maybe it would be different . . . but I am just sure I couldn't take one of those big cameras everywhere I want to go and I'd end up leaving the big camera at home even when it could produce better shots. So, I've come full circle and I think I'll be keeping the RX1. I just need a baseplate and better grip to get released and I'll be good.

EDIT: That being said, I've been taking a lot of pictures with the RX1 and then taking the same photos with my NEX 5N and Zeiss 24. I think I have about 70 now to sit down and analyze. Most are lower light situations. I plan to post comparison review at some point over the holidays. I also did a little shoot last night where I took 8 pictures in our family room with one camera and then 8 with the other trying to get the same scene and same angles (I even asked family members to hold still - heh). I just wanted to see what kind of percentage of sharp shots I'd get and compare noise, etc. I hope I have time Friday morning to really pixel peep.

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